Dylan’s First North American Tour


We’re pleased to announce that Dylan will be touring North America for the first time in June 2013 with his critically-acclaimed new show, Yeah, Yeah.

Dark, dry and relentlessly sharp, Yeah, Yeah is Dylan Moran’s roller coaster ride of emotion, hilarity, poignancy and joy as he deliberates life, love and disappointment with remarkable observation.  Dylan toured Yeah, Yeah in the UK and Australia and in September, Dylan toured the show through Switzerland, Holland, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Estonia, Latvia and Russia, becoming the first professional English-speaking comedian to perform in Russia.

For more on dates for the tour, please meander over to the Wandering page now.


  1. Brian

    Chicago. Come. Now…. or in June / July. Whatever suits. Has no one else left a comment. I’m a lonely comment… Like Halley’s comment, I only have company every 76 years…. that we know about. I have chocolate and a pull out bed you can sleep on.

  2. Salem Jones


    First Mr. Moran, thank you for choosing the path you’ve chosen! I LOVE YOUR WORK! This city I currently live in- Edmonton, Alberta- has what could be described, as a deep cultural need for your unique insights. Personally, my sense of humour is at the point of complete decadence and it may not be an exaggeration to say that only your brilliant expressions can save me from what appears to be slow and imminent soul-death. Please, could you work a gig here into your North American itinerary?? (If Billy Connolly can do it, surely you can!)
    If you can’t, will someone over there in Mighty Moranville please let me know since I’m a musician (read: somewhat impecunious) and will need to start walking the 1100 km to Vancouver right now to catch you there June 27….where I will have to sleep under a wet rock before I start my journey home…

    All e-kidding aside, I think you’re the very finest in your field and I wish you unparallelled success on the tour, as well as All the Best in All Things.

    Thanks for your time.

  3. bt

    OMG! I dig the site. I will be traveling 5hrs just to see you at the Wilbur Theater in Boston on June 21.
    Yes, I will bring an eclair ; )

  4. Sarah

    Am I really the first person to comment on this?

    Well okay then. I’m delighted. Can’t wait to see you in Philadelphia. Now I just have to find a good place to park without getting stripped :p

  5. Beverly Parker-Reec

    Please, please add some southern states…say North Carolina? The South could open a whole new American play ground for Dylan.

  6. Pablo Anwandter

    Don’t go to America….come back to Australia! They won’t get you over there, why do you think they have to make an American version of The Office and Death at a Funeral?

  7. Darlene Genevieve Sourile

    Dear Dylan,
    Most appreciative of your Irish woody Allen like ruminations.
    However, as an ex-pat American now Australian citizen for some 30 years, I have a question about the pronunciation of your last name which I can assure you the americans will botch up.
    They will pronounce it “More-ran”‘ emphasis on second syllable. And not as I hear it on your DVDs like moron.

    Thought this could help on your upcoming USA tour good luck with that and remember Bill Hicks.

    D genevieve Sourile

  8. rob

    Rob DeRedonkuclous

    Hello, I’m taking my fiancee to see you in Boston for her birthday. It’s June 22nd, you’re one of her favorite comedians. I was wondering if you could make her day and take a picture with us, or arrange to have a picture signed? I wouldn’t usually bother you, but you’re really important to her, and she is my world.Thanks for any info, RobOmgitsmelvino@gmail.com

  9. Jake Rigdon

    Dear Dylan,
    My friend Paddy and I are massive fans from Indianapolis, Indiana, in the United States. I’ve seen literally every piece of media you’ve ever produced that’s available! Needless to say, we’re incredibly excited to make the 8-hour drive to Toronto on the 16th!
    Cheers, (even though we’re only irish-american)

  10. Steve Ramirez

    Haha “he like totally shot the guy, and he’s like totally dead…” hahaha You’ve been around my kids?

  11. Dannyboy Alston

    If you come to North America, specifically towards the centerish region known as the US, I will buy you a pint before your show, during your show, after after your show, or any mix of the three.

  12. Donna

    Please come to the Northern California area (specifically Santa Rosa, CA)! PLEASE!!!!!!!!

  13. Zuzana

    Czech republic obviously needs Dylan more frequently. My rough guess is that another 3 or even 5, 6….gigs would sell out as quickly as the first three – which I sadly didn’t have the opportunity to see.

  14. Nancy Mooney

    I think that the U.S. Midwest could use some Dylan Moran – can you bring the tour through Clumbus, Ahia? (that’s the phonetic version – or Columbus, Ohio, for any literate readers)

    Just got Roku and am totally digging Black Books!

  15. Jess

    Come to Edmonton, Alberta. We need more dates for the Canadian fans. Meeting you is my dream!

  16. Brandon in Alaska

    Stand-up, films, Black Books. All are brilliant, and Norway can take a flaming hike. Alaska needs Dylan. Dylan might even enjoy Alaska. I swear on Bill Bailey’s hair I’ll buy you many rounds if you make it up here.

  17. Linda

    Could the website be updated with his upcoming dates in Ireland and the UK? Thanks!

  18. milos

    I knew it! Waiting forever to come to NYC and I will abroad. Mid June people are audibly crackling in the NYC sun, you know. You will ask for cake made of oxygen and there won’t be any, so rethink and come in September.

  19. Skylor Snowden

    Very few comedians have ever made me laugh as much or as hard as you have, Dylan. Top quality actor and performer you are. Hope to see you in your Yeah Yeah tour in the USA. Thanks for the laughs from Kentucky.

  20. Linda

    Please, please, please update this website with all of Dylan’s latest tour dates. Please?

  21. Alex K.

    Thank you so much for making the trip over to N. America. My friends and I have always been huge fans of yours. We’re so very excited to see you in Philadelphia!! Being a bit greedy now, but please come back and stop by DC next year!

  22. Tony Rodriguez

    My God I am totally pissed with myself that I missed your show in Chicago last week! Had I known you were coming out here I would’ve been the first one there. Fuck a duck. I’ve waited 2 years for something like this and I completely miss out on a great show. Hope to see you coming back out here soon again, and sorry that I missed you!!

  23. AP

    No San Francisco?!?! And why can’t I find any of your stand up in region 1 format?????

  24. Kate

    Just saw Yeah Yeah in Portland last night. Wanted to send feedback: fat jokes detract from your brilliance. I cringed and kept hoping it would end but you kept reverting back to loathing overweight people. Surely you could see how many people in the audience would not be considered thin-? You’re not a Vegas hack for God’s sake. Hope you can focus on scathing social commentary and the absurd. Wanted to hear more on drones and other bizarre subjects instead.
    Nevertheless, wishing you well,

  25. Virginia

    Come back to Seattle!! The show was awesome. It was a complete joy to see you perform. I truly hope you come back and that you enjoyed yourself in Seattle.

  26. Kevin

    Dylan, you were just in North America – amazing! But why didn’t you come to Toronto, Ontario? We would have loved to have seen you. Come back across the pond soon, and hit up Canada some more.

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